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If you would like to work for CHUHSE we would like to hear from you. We currently have a pool of over 60 GPs working for CHUHSE but are always looking to increase our work force.

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CHUHSE provides OOH training to ST1/2/3/4 trainees on the Hackney VTS using local trainers and supervisors, following the Deanery model / traffic light system. This allows trainees to initially learn through observation, later through direct supervision and ultimately through remote supervision.

Trainees experience training in telephone and face to face consultations and home visits. All trainees are required to complete 6 sessions during ST1/2 placements and 12 sessions during ST3 placement, being signed off as Green (competent to work independently) prior to the end of their training.

CHUHSE audits the clinical work of all doctors using the Clinical Guardian toolkit and provides individual feedback, valuable to all doctors for CPD.

To register with CHUHSE for OOH training please complete and return the registration form along with the required documents. Once registered, all trainees will be given access to the rota master website, allowing them to directly access and request supervised shifts and to Clinical Guardian, allowing them to review and respond to their feedback.

If you have any questions about OOH training, please direct them to Leonie, Operations Supervisor, or Alex, Education Lead and Supervisor at